Combined Care is when you see your GP for half of your antenatal check-ups and go to a hospital or clinic for the rest. The HSE will pay your GPs fee, including your first visit when it is confirmed that you are pregnant. It is likely that your GP (or hospital) will suggest that you take this option to you.
You can opt for combined care whether you are choosing a midwife, public, semi-private or private care. If you are opting for private care then combined care will be a cheaper option for you as it will mean fewer visits to you obstetrician.
If you do not live near your obstetrician then combined care may also make your life a little easier as you will be able to visit your GP for some of the check-ups rather than travelling to your obstetrician.
Your GP and hospital will provide you and your baby with postnatal care for free up to and including your 6 week check.