The Community Midwives Home Birth scheme provides a team of midwives for your antenatal care and will assist you in giving birth at home. This service is free of charge.
Only those with a low risk pregnancy can avail of this scheme. Discuss with your midwife if you are in this category (80% of woman fall under this category). If you are availing of the Community Midwives Home Birth scheme you will have a scan at 18-22 weeks to confirm that the pregnancy is of low risk. If there are any problems, or if you decide that the scheme isn’t ideal for you, you can be transferred to hospital care.
Your antenatal appointments will take place in the midwives clinic or local health centre.
After the birth you and your baby will be visited by a midwife at home every day for around 7 days. You may also opt for combined care with your GP, who will give you and your baby the 6 week check.
There are Community Midwives Home Birth Schemes available in Dublin, Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Cork and Kerry.