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Does my baby need a flu shot?

Babies aged six months old to children aged five years of age are internationally in the category of high risk when it comes to the flu. While flu shots are not automatically given to children in Ireland, it can be a good idea to consider if it’s appropriate for you child, especially if they have underlying health issues (incl. asthma).
The flu can cause complications and compromise the health of babies, children, and the elderly, as well as individuals with chronic ailments.  Around September or October is the time to consider if your child should get the vaccine, as flu tends to increase in virulence during the winter months.  If your baby has an allergy to eggs, he will not be a candidate for the flu vaccine. Adults with egg allergies are advised against the vaccine as well.
If there is a warning of a particularly dangerous or virulent strain of flu (such as H1N1, or swine flu), specific measures may be introduced for vaccinations to protect against that specific strain.  Be alert for announcements or ask your doctor or health centre for advice.

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