Everything you need to know about doing yoga throughout your pregnancy

Trying to find exercises that are fun, safe and relatively easy to do during pregnancy is not as easy as it sounds. There’s only so many walks you can go on and so many laps of the pool you can do before you get fed up of doing the same exercise over and over again. That’s why yoga is a great workout to consider trying throughout your pregnancy journey. 

Prenatal yoga is an ideal exercise as it involves strengthening, stretching and controlled breathing, all aspects that will help during birth and in childbirth recovery. From warming up, stretching, working on posture, focused breathing and cooling down, there are lots of aspects of prenatal yoga that will benefit you before your baby arrives and after. 

Remember to talk to your healthcare provider, GP or midwife if you’re considering starting yoga or have any questions about exercising during pregnancy, as some people with medical conditions or higher risk of preterm labour may not be able to do prenatal yoga. 

While you can attend prenatal yoga classes in person, we found some great online resources so you can try to do it from the comfort of your own home. Check out these great videos below and consider becoming a yogi while your little one is growing.

Beginner friendly for all trimesters

Ideal for newcomers to the workout at any stage of their pregnancy. 

First trimester

Focuses on ways to adapt regular yoga poses to movements that are pregnancy-safe.

15 minute first trimester

A quick and easy yoga workout for those in their first trimester.

Third trimester

Shows the importance of preparing your body for birth and post-labour, focusing on modifying positions to suit your body. 

Everyday stretches

Doing multiple reps of each of these exercises will help to avoid aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

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Yoga flow for all trimesters

A flow of movements that are suitable to do at all stages of pregnancy, so you can master them from your first trimester all the way to your third.

Using birthing ball

Involving a birthing ball is useful if you plan on using one during your little one's delivery. 

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