Working out just doesn’t sound desirable, especially on a snowy day like today. However, experts have found that exercising when pregnant can help reduce the amount of time a woman spends in labour.


Now, where did we put our running shoes?



The team of researchers at the Technical University of Madrid conducted a study involving over 500 expectant women.


255 women were put in an exercise group, with the remaining 253 women put in a control group.

The women who were part of the exercise group had to follow a moderate aerobic exercise programme during their pregnancy.

When the time came for the women to deliver their babies the team analysed numerous factors, including how they gave birth, the weight of the baby, whether or not the mum received an epidural, weight gain during the pregnancy and how long each stage of labour lasted.



Their results proved that exercising can help shorten the amount of time women spent in labour. The team found that the women who were involved in the exercise group had a shorter first phase of labour, “as well as total time of the first two phases together.”


They also found that the women who exercised during pregnancy were less likely to use an epidural.


Exercising during your pregnancy may have numerous benefits, including easing back pain, shortening time spent in labour and improving one’s mood, however, experts warn expectant mums not to overdo it.



The best and safest types of exercise are walking, jogging, swimming, aqua-natal classes and cycling. Yoga and Pilates are also good, a qualified teacher experienced in dealing with pregnant women.


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