A 12-year-old girl from North London has been dubbed ‘supergirl’ after she managed to jump from a stolen car to alert her stepmother. 


The youngster had been left in the car with her 11-month-old baby brother while her 27-year-old stepmum popped into the shops on the way to a wedding.


The incident, which occurred on Saturday, was captured on CCTV, and shows the young girl throwing herself out of the car. She then rushes in to tell her step-mum.


According to the Daily Mail, the 11-month-old baby was found three miles away on a doorstep of a young couple who alerted the police to their discovery.


Talking about how brave she was to jump from the car, the young girl’s dad, said: "I couldn't believe how she just jumped out of the car. The instant she hits the floor she is up running. That saved minutes and that made a huge difference because everyone was so responsive from that point.”



Describing her as being “very, very brave”, Detective Inspector Chris Rixon explained how the two-door car would have meant the youngster had to force her way pass the car thief to get out.


“This was a two-door car and she would have had to force her way past the thief and open the passenger door whilst the vehicle was being driven away,” he said.


“And that has taken great courage and we would very much like to praise her bravery."


The suspect is described as a white male, in his late teens and with light spiky hair. He was possibly wearing a hooded top.


What a brave and inspirational young girl. 



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