Gym Plus is joining forces with IVF Fertility Clinics to help with fertility struggles

If you're trying to start a family later on in life and struggling with your BMI and natural conception then fear not.

Gym Plus is collaborating with IVF Fertility Clinics including IMS IVF Clonskeagh, Rotunda IVF and SIMS IVF Cork.

With eight locations around Ireland, Gym Plus is now the preferred fitness club for clients who want to engage with a healthy lifestyle during the fertility process.

So how will it work?

Gym Plus trainers will meet with their fertility client and create a unique personalised programme.    

Each dedicated trainer will be aware of the client’s stage of treatment and will be able to recommend exercises to makre sure there's no added stress.

The Gym Plus trainer will also provide follow-ups every four weeks to ensure the client is staying on track and the programme is a positive experience - sounds good, right?

Guided Exercise Programmes

The Gym Plus team has been trained on the fertility process in order to understand what exercises should be avoided during critical times and which exercises will benefit the client most.

Common exercises which will be encouraged include swimming and Yoga/Pilates, with all classes included at no extra cost to the gym member.

It is hoped that the fertility client will achieve a balanced lifestyle as well as a positive mind-set in what can be aa tough time on the body emotionally and physically.

The partnership will begin in April 2019 and for more information click here.