It's pretty incredible what some folk think is acceptable just because they're in the presence of a pregnant woman.


And while we know that most people of course mean well - there are still a few all-too common phrases that crop up a little too regularly for our liking.


To avoid any confusion - and to pass on to friends and family as needed - we have listed some of the absolute NO-GO areas when chatting to a lady who is expecting a new arrival.



1. Call her huge

WOW really? It might be the human growing inside me?


2. Suggest names 

This is not your baby, please stop attempting to name it. 


3. Touch her belly

Its called personal space, please respect it. 


4. Give her medical advice

You are not a doctor, and therefore please stop speaking. Thank you.



5. Ask her was it planned

Frankly sir, that is none of you business OK?


6.“Enjoy sleep while it lasts. HA-HA-HA!”

WOW - good one.


7. Describe labour

Please, quit while you're ahead.


8. Inform her of a great way to shed the 'baby weight'

The last thing on our mind to be honest - pass the pizza! 


9. Telling her to hurry up and give birth

Oh OK then, if you insist?