Being pregnant is the first step to your new life; however, while you are growing your baby you are also preparing yourself for motherhood in ways that you probably aren’t aware of.
Here are five ways pregnancy prepares you for motherhood:
You are always with your baby
From the moment you conceive, you are with your baby. This doesn’t change after their birth when you won’t be able to go anywhere without your little one following you, not even to the bathroom.
You are pretty emotional
Being pregnant messes with your emotions and you will find that you can end up crying or laughing at the drop of a hat. When you are a mother, you will still find that you cry at inappropriate moments, this is usually due to tiredness and being particularly sensitive towards children of the world.
Life is determined by different stages
When you are pregnant, your nine months are determined by your first, second and third trimester. When your little one is here your life is still determined by different stages:  the infant stage, the terrible twos, the five going on fifteen stage and the anxious teenager years.
You worry that you will miss something
Pregnancy is a pretty exciting and life changing time; in fact, it’s popular for expectant mothers to log the things they go through during their 40 weeks so they won’t forget anything. This doesn’t change when baby arrives. You will spend a good portion of your time taking pictures of your baby doing nothing and writing down everything, for fear you will forget an important and defining moment.
Some days feel like forever, others will feel like you need more time
Being pregnant is a waiting game: waiting for your little one to pop out, waiting at the doctor’s office, or waiting for the nursery to be done. But, before you know it, your little one will be here and you will probably wish for more time to get ready. This continues after your little one arrives when you start to think the endless exhaustion will never end and when you wonder where all the time has gone when your baby starts school.