How to have an emotionally and physically healthy pregnancy
Covid 19 has been ravaging the human population ever since it began its wildfire spread back in January. From then on, tensions have been running high resulting from uncertainty and fears revolving around the virus’s fatality and the future of the world. 
With all these terrifying events unfolding, it can be an extremely stressful time to be pregnant. Despite all the wonderful expectations and changes that come along with it, pregnancy  by itself can  cause much stress to the women experiencing it. Hence, this article lists all the measures you can take to remain informed, reduce panic and help yourself persist in these uncertain times.  
How Does Covid-19 Impact Your Pregnancy?
The majority of Covid-19 patients whether they be pregnant or not, happen to have relatively mild symptoms of a flu or cold. Healthy pregnant women without any pre-existing conditions are not at any elevated risk of contracting this virus compared to other normal people, and there has been no evidence of miscarriages resulting from it. This will assuage any ill-informed fears you may harbor although we strongly recommend you take as many precautions as you can, especially those given by authorities on this matter such as the CDC.
How to Keep Your Spirits High For the Health of Your Baby
You must actively combat stress so both your baby and your body can remain healthy through this ordeal. In fact, not doing so can increase your risk of having a premature baby. Therefore, integrating the following measures into your daily life will help you prevent such an outcome.
1. Maintain a Clear-Sighted Perspective on Your Situation
With the advent of social media, we are as connected as ever. Every single social media website has its fair share of people giving out their opinions, sharing information they have seen on the news and so on. Combine these with the stress of the current situation and it's not hard to see why anyone would feel overwhelmed. 
of course, everyone has a right to express themselves freely. However, you may want to step back and survey your own situation instead of taking other people’s words to heart as  raising a child is hard in itself and  it is even more so in a pandemic. 
Therefore, you need to accept these new challenges and if you remain clear-sighted about your unique circumstances and your baby’s needs, you can easily start working on a plan to overcome this hurdle..
2. Accept How You're Feeling and Work Towards Optimism
Pregnancy is such a delicate physical state to be in that it can be difficult not to feel many negative emotions such as anxiety about whether everything is going according to what you have read or heard others  say. However, these negative emotions are incredibly normal to have and it’s important that you don’t beat yourself up over them. 
You need to accept how you are feeling, and identify your specific emotions and triggers. Furthermore, reading, talking to family and friends, discussing your problems on pregnancy forums etc. are other great ways to empower yourself with knowledge and improve your mental health.
3. Steer Clear of Negativity Especially from the News
During times of distress, many people will profit from the fears of the public by publishing false information regarding the situation. This pandemic has thus been rife with fake news outlets putting forward conspiracy theories, false panacea and so on to push forth their various agendas. Consequently, constant exposure to this stream of negative and sensational news can wear down on your mental health.
Try to reduce your need for and access to these materials, and stick to trust-worthy sources for important information and updates. Additionally, you can ask friends or your partner to let you know things that might be crucial but be sure to restrict how often your conversations revolve around this topic.
4. Stay Physically and Emotionally Fit
It can be said that your physical health habits can affect your mental health. This is why it is so important to: 
● Follow proper handwashing techniques and do it more often
● Sneeze into the crook of your elbow or on a tissue then safely discard it 
● Maintain the cleanliness of your home
● Have good sleep hygiene
● Exercise and eat well
5. Choose Dealing with Problems You Can Solve over Those You Can’t
Covid-19 is rapidly spreading, people are dying, jobs are being lost so on and  on. There is so much that is going wrong in this world right now. However, it is very important to accept that there is nothing you can do to save everyone. Of course, all mothers feel that itch to protect the child from the moment a new life is growing inside them, even though it is impossible to stop things from  going wrong.
This is where mindfulness comes in. You need to accept whatever card you have been dealt with, figure out what is bothering you and set out to solve it. Feeling anguished over things out of your control will only worsen your mental health.
Additionally, this may be a very good time to start learning about spirituality, and what better way to do this than under the guidance of books written by experts in the field. Dad Gold has a comprehensive review which details six wonderful spiritual books to read during pregnancy to bring peace to your and your child’s soul. Go check them out!
6. Build a Support System to Weather Distress
These days we have a limitless array of video calling apps such as Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype etc. making your close family and friends accessible at the tip of your fingers. According to expert guidelines, everyone should be social distancing but that doesn’t mean giving up on having a social life entirely. 
Give your family and friends a call. Let them know how you are feeling, catch up on some gossip and just talk about all that has been going on in your life. It is amazing how the heart feels lighter after a good conversation.
7. Stick to a Consistent Schedule
It’s remarkable how social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. are offering free online classes by fitness professionals on exercise routines. There are thousands of these just on YouTube catered to every group or needs. Join some of these classes and be consistent with your workout routine. You will be thankful for the endorphin rush post exercise!
You can even take online classes on other calming hobbies such as knitting, sewing or embroidery. Remember, remaining consistent with your activities is key to success and happiness.
8. Pre-Plan Consultations and Reduce Visiting Frequency
Due to the rising number of infections, hospitals are now a hotbed for contracting the virus especially for those not taking proper precaution. Although it is still important for you to get ante-natal scans and regular check ups, space out your hospital visits. Consult with your gynecologist on how you can get the fewest optimum number of check ups to reduce risk of getting the illness. Be extremely vigilant about following the proper guidelines when outside.
Fortunately , there are many apps in the market that make it possible  for you to get medical consultation through video calls. This saves you the danger of contracting the virus through frequent travels.
9. Engage in Self-Care
You may have seen this trend on social media where influencers and
friends alike are indulging in face masks, lighting up some scented candles, turning up their favorite music, cuddling with their significant others and pets, and reading some healing literature. Well, this is your time to get on the bandwagon and participate! Kick back from your busy life for once and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Isolation is such an amazing opportunity to give yourself time to reflect.
10. Reach out to Loved Ones or Therapists
If you have tried every single advice under the sun to rid yourself of your negative feelings and failed, talking it out with close friends and family could be the best option. After all, support from your loved ones will help boost confidence. However, if things keep getting worse, you should consult with a therapist to accurately pinpoint how to best tackle your unique concerns.
Sometimes, being proactive in our personal lives can give us back the control we need for the sake of our mental health. Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight. Good luck with your pregnancy journey!