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Is it safe to use fake tan during pregnancy?

Fake tans have become very popular over the last decade – interest has been fuelled by a move away from sun beds and sun bathing due to skin cancer risks and because there is a desire to have a sun kissed holiday look all year round. 
These desires don’t abate during pregnancy and so it’s good to know that it is safe for you to use fake tan during pregnancy but you should be careful with spray tan.

Whilst the ingredients in all fake tans are very similar, using a mousse or cream is fine as the ingredients do not go beyond the top cell layer of the skin which is a dead layer of skin.
However, using spray tans, particularly ones applied in booths may mean you inhale the ingredients and it is these harmful chemicals that may affect your unborn baby.
To be completely sure, when pregnant, use a fake tan that is applied by rubbing on and not spraying.

Always do a skin patch test before using fake tan in pregnancy as your skin can become more sensitive in pregnancy and you could have a reaction to a fake tan that you have used before.  It goes without saying that you should never take any medication or pills during pregnancy unless directed by your doctor. This includes tanning pills and injections. 
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