Love Island star Olivia Bowen shares pregnancy struggles & talks baby names

Olivia Bowen, known for her role on Love Island and being the runner up in 2016, has taken to Instagram to share how she’s been feeling throughout her pregnancy and gives an update on possible name choices.

The 28-year-old was answering fans’ questions on her stories when one follower asked how she was doing. Bowen answered saying, “You are so sweet thank you for asking. I had a bit of a turbulent couple of weeks, I think third trimester hit me like a ton of bricks, super emotional & down & I also had covid so that really rocked me for a week”.

Credit: Instagram

“My anxiety was in overdrive & I suffered a really bad panic attack, probably the worst I’ve had. I haven’t had one in years & years so that was all a bit much”. 

“I am now feeling so much better thank you & back to myself. I feel very heavy these days but overall I’m good”.

“It is a rollercoaster”. The mum-to-be revealed that for the majority of her pregnancy she’s been lucky enough to feel like herself but she’s had down days when she didn;t feel like posting on social media. 

Wanting to be transparent, Olivia said, “It’s not been this perfect journey. It’s been absolutely amazing, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been so lucky but I have had hard days”.

Credit: Instagram

The reality television star also gave an update on baby names! “We’ve finally agreed on a girls name! So we now have a boy & a girls name ready”.

“We are so excited to find out what we’re having now we keep joking when we have a scan, ‘shall we just find out?’ but we’ve come this far so we’re sticking to our word & waiting for the baby to arrive haha”.

Olivia is due in June but is not revealing her actual due date as she’d rather focus on her ‘due period’. “When you do hypnobirthing it teaches you to understand your ‘due period’ instead”. 

Credit: Instagram

Bowen said that, “4% of babies are born on their due date so we don’t share it with anyone other than close friends & family as we don’t put any significance on my due date”. 

Olivia’s Love Island co-star Alex Bowen proposed to her on New Year’s Eve in 2016 and the two tied the knot in Olivia’s hometown of Essex in 2018. The pair announced they were expecting their first child together on New Year’s Day of this year.