While pregnancy is a truly amazing experience, it can also be incredibly stressful.


And the weeks leading up to your leave can be a especially overwhelming at times.


With lots of things to be completed before you finish up at work, undoubtedly, things can be overlooked.


Put it in writing

It is important to ensure you have told your employer that you will be taking maternity leave.


Put your dates in writing and make sure they have it on file.


Know your rights

It’s incredibly important to know what you’re entitled to.


We recommend talking to your company’s HR department, or going over your company’s maternity policy to know your rights with regards to maternity leave.


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Start saving

No matter what your circumstances, it’s always helpful to put a bit of cash aside for maternity leave.


With a little extra time on your hands, you’ll definitely find yourself spending more on all the last minute bits and bobs in preparation for your little one arrival.


Health plan

Revise you healthcare policy and see what maternity benefits you may be entitled to.


Make sure to investigate whether your baby will be covered from birth, and obtain the appropriate paperwork in advance.


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Pass the torch

Chat to your manager about who will be taking care of your work load while you’re on leave.


It’s helpful for both of you to ensure the change-over goes smoothly.


Back to work

It may seem hasty, but it will make things a lot easier for you when the time comes.


Get an idea of your return date and find out how flexible your company can be.


Planning ahead of time will not only save you the headache, it may also make things a lot easier when it comes to organising childcare.


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Childcare options

Speaking of childcare, before your little one arrives, start looking into what options are available to you.


Whether you’re paying a professional or roping in family and friends to help, having a plan in place now will make things easier for you, and come as less of a shock to those who will be helping out.