Now more than ever before, parents are finding themselves faced with the difficult task of balancing work and family life. So, when the time comes to consider the best childcare option for you, it is often difficult to decide between hiring a nanny and placing your child in a crèche. There are many pros and cons to any child care option and it is important to find the best fit for you.
If you are considering hiring a nanny to care for your child there are many things to consider. A suitable nanny must be mature, experienced with children, have a clean driving licence and be in good health. Since the nanny will be solely responsible for your child’s care in your absence, it is essential to ensure that they possess good mental and physical health. A clean driving licence and a safe vehicle are necessary if you wish the nanny to provide outings for your child. It is absolutely essential that any potential candidate can provide you with reliable references as this will ensure that your child is in safe hands.  Nannies are currently unregulated under Irish legislation therefore a background check is of the utmost importance. On the other hand, nannies can prove to be convenient as they cater to a more flexible schedule. However, this can come at a price as nannies are perhaps one of the most expensive forms of childcare. If you decide to opt for a nanny it is important that you are comfortable with the person you have chosen as they will be responsible for the care of your precious little one.
Should you feel a crèche is the more suitable option for you, there are many factors for you to consider. Unlike having a nanny, a crèche is more than likely under the supervision of your local government and therefore is required to adhere to its rules and regulations. Also, you have the added benefit of additional staff support and supervision. It would be wise to research the crèches in your area in order to select one you feel is reputable. With a crèche, you are giving your child an opportunity to benefit from early social interaction which may give them a head start in school. It is a well known fact nonetheless, that staff turnover in crèches is high and if consistency is important to you this may not be your best option. Similarly, if your work hours are unpredictable a crèche may not be viable. It should also be taken into consideration that in placing your child in a crèche they may become sick frequently as they will be exposed to more illnesses. A deciding factor for many may be that a crèche can often prove more affordable than a nanny. When choosing a crèche ask as many questions as possible as you need to be confident that they share your values.
Whether, you choose to hire a nanny or place your bundle of joy in a crèche it is important that when you leave your child in the morning you know that they are in the safest possible hands.