Baby showers aren’t really traditional as such, but in so far as they are, they tend to follow a pretty much standard format – women only, tea and cake, and so on. In reality, however, you have many more options!
What about having a party for mummy! If you’ve already got everything you need for your baby, then why not ask guests to bring goodies for you instead?
Invite partners. Co-ed baby showers are much more common these days. Inviting partners, and having a barbeque or luncheon is a great way to involve the daddy to be too!
Have a cocktail party! Just because the mummy to be can’t drink alcohol, that doesn’t mean the guests can’t.! If you want to serve cocktails and canapés, that’s entirely up to you.
Consider having kids present too. It’s becoming more and more popular to have baby showers that are family affairs. Just make sure you get someone on board as a baby sitter or child minder, so that everyone can relax a little!
Have a sprinkle. If you’re having your second or third baby, you can still have a shower, except they’re being called ‘sprinkles’ now. Smaller gifts, and less elaborate themes are the order of the day, but it’s still fun to celebrate your new arrival! Baby showers are becoming less and less traditional, so what you do at yours is entirely up to you!