It feels like technology becomes more ubiquitous day by day, not just for us, but for our little ones, too.


New research shows that twice as many girls are using social media for more than three hours a day, compared to the number of those who were doing so just four years ago.


8.7 percent of 10- to 15-year-old girls surveyed used websites like Facebook for more than three hours each day back in 2011/12. 


That figure rose to 17.4 percent a mere four years later, in 2015/16.



These statistics come from data collected by UK longitudinal household study Understanding Society, the Irish Examiner reports. 4,410 kids were surveyed in 2011/12, and 3,616 in 2015/16.


As for boys, their social media usage numbers are rising, yet they still do not match those of their female peers.


4.9 percent of boys were using social media for more than three hours a day in 2011/12, which jumped to 8.3 percent in 2015/16.


These numbers may prove concerning considering the health risks associated with spending too much time on phones.



A San Diego State University study found that teens were happier if they spent less time on their phone and more time doing traditional activities like socialising with friends or playing sport.


Experts have also shared that social media use is associated with less sleep for teens. Lack of sleep is linked to numerous health issues, such as increased risk of depression or obesity.


Are you surprised to hear that so many more girls are using social media for over three hours a day, mums?