Smartphones are slowly becoming an extension of many children’s arms. Their popularity has excelled with each generation, but are children becoming too addicted to the devices?


Seeing a teenager without their phone glued to their hand is becoming a rare sight. Parents aren’t the only ones who are concerned about youths and their smartphones. 43 percent of secondary school teachers believe that smartphones should be banned from classrooms.


The devices serve no useful purpose in the classroom, so surely banning them is the right move? French schools have recently banned phones from their classrooms.



Teachers who took part in a survey explained that the smartphones are causing major issues in the classroom and said that classroom discipline is worse it’s been since 2013.


Luke Saunders, who is the founder of Studyclix stated, “Students having smartphones in their pockets is the biggest challenge that teachers face in today’s classroom. The fact that 43 percent of teachers reported classroom discipline being worse than it was five years ago is likely largely down to the conflict that phone use has created.”


The staff stated that the smartphones are a hindrance as they are distracting students from their lessons. Up to 60 percent of teachers agreed that they need to ban smartphones for the sake of children’s education



A further 25 percent of teachers involved in the study added that disciplining children has become a major issue and claimed that it was one of the biggest challenges of being a teacher.


Do you think smartphones should be banned from classrooms?