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When can my child start music lessons?

Different ways to encourage your child to be musical and reap the benefits of playing an instrument
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How do I encourage my child to be active?

The best way to encourage your child to be active is to be active yourself.
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My child doesn't like sports, what should I do?

Some children don’t have the basic physical skills for some sports. Being unable to master a particular skill or activity can make a child feel like a failure. 
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Should my child play sports?

A lot of parents worry about how safe sports are but the benefits far outweigh any downsides.
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How does dance help my child's development?

There are numerous benfits for children who dance from an early age.
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How does playing sports help my child?

Sports help your child develop in a number of different ways.
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What sports are popular for children?

There are lots of popular sports for children to choose from.
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