Get your little ones Back To School ready with an M&S packed lunch

It’s back to school time already and that means we’re in for a brand new term of uniform organising, hectic mornings and packed lunch-making.

It’s so important to ensure our little ones are eating a balanced diet in order to keep them healthy and well-fuelled during the school day. A well-balanced diet will support alertness and concentration so your child is ready to take on a new school year of learning and absorbing information.

To make sure you’re giving your children nutritious and healthy foods, Marks & Spencer has made it super simple with their Eat Well stickers, so choosing these options that help to sustain our little ones in school has never been easier!

Back to school breakfast

It’s important to start the day off right with a healthy breakfast- it is the most important meal of the day after all!

It can be difficult to choose a good breakfast option that the whole family will enjoy but you can never go wrong with a delicious and nutritious bowl of cereal. With the added Eat Well seal of approval, you know these cereals help to support a balanced diet, and the best part? These cereals are so tasty, your little ones won’t even know that what they’re eating is jam-packed with goodness.

M&S Multigrain Hoops- €2.20

These sweetened multigrain hoops are made from wheat, oat, barley, maize and rice to support your child’s fibre intake. They are super tasty with added chopped fruit to start your child’s morning off with one of their five-a-day.

M&S Organic Wholegrain Spelt Puffs- €4.50

These 100% spelt puffs are delicious to eat on their own or are great when added to fruit and

yoghurt. They are wholegrain and are high in fibre, while also being suitable for vegans so they whole family can tuck in.

M&S Corn Flakes- €1.20

A classic breakfast option for a reason. These yummy flakes of corn are fortified with vitamins and iron to add extra nutrients to your child’s diet. They are delicious served with hot or cold milk, or your choice of a non-dairy alternative.

Lunchbox essentials

When it comes to making packed lunches, we reckon we’re experts at this stage and for us, a sandwich is always a winner for a quick and easy option. Buying your bread from M&S means you’re getting more sunshine in your favourite sandwich! Did you know, all of M&S’ pre-packed bread and rolls contain vitamin D, which we usually soak up naturally from the sun? While we’re having an Indian summer now, it’s unlikely to last long - so it’s important to make sure our little ones are getting enough vitamin D in their diet to help keep their bones strong and healthy.

If your child gets bored of the same plain sandwich every day, we have some tasty ideas to add some excitement into their lunchbox.

1. Blitz some cooked beetroot into a homemade dip. Spread the beetroot over your choice of bread. Top with some sliced ham and tomatoes.

2. Toast some bread and cover with your child’s favourite nut butter and sliced banana.

3. Mix a tin of tuna with a little bit of natural yoghurt. Make sure to add some tinned sweetcorn and fill your bread with the delicious mixture.

4. Create a rainbow sandwich by layering shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and yellow peppers onto your bread or roll to create the ultimate veggie sandwich. This works particularly well in the M&S ‘Made Without’ Tiger Rolls (€5.50).

These soft rolls have a golden crackle effect rice flour topping in order to add extra texture. They are a natural source of vitamin D and are high in fibre. They’re also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians so are ideal for this tasty rainbow veggie sandwich idea!

Lunchbox fillers

Although the sandwich is usually the showstopper of the lunchbox, we can’t forget about sandwich fillers. Having a variety of extra snacks in your child’s lunchbox will help to make their lunchtime meal more balanced while also ensuring they won’t go hungry during the school day.

M&S has a wide range of delicious lunchbox fillers, from their fresh quality fruit pots with mango (€3.75), watermelon (€3.35) and berries (€2.75), to cereal bars like the M&S Breakfast Bars (€4.50). These deliciously chewy bars are packed with oats, seeds, raspberry pieces & peanut butter. They are high in fibre and are a source of vitamin D and protein.

If your child would prefer a packet of crisps in their lunchbox, the M&S Eat Well Popped Chips come in a 6 pack multi-pack for just €3.50. These crisps, which haven’t been fried,  are high in vitamin D. This contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

For added fruit in their lunchbox, M&S Fresh Seasonal Fruit is 2 for €6 and helps your child get their five-a-day. This great offer is valid for Irish Blackberries, Irish Strawberries, Irish Raspberries, White Grapes, Red Grapes and Extra-Large Oranges, so there’s bound to be a fruit your little one will enjoy eating to help fuel their mind while at school.


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