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How will Transition Year benefit my child?

Transition Year is a one year school based programme between the junior and senior cycle
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What are the best educational websites for kids?

The internet can be a wonderful educational tool for your child's learning. 
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How can I encourage my teenager to study?

Useful tips on getting your teenager to study
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How can I best prepare my child for success at school?

Parents want what's best for their children and want to do everything they can to make sure they are successful at school. 
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How do I make sure that my child is studying at the computer and not just socialising?

Getting your child to study and not spend their time on facebook can be difficult but there are lots of things parents can do to promote study. 
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How do I tell if my school child is gifted, or above average?

There are lots of signs that you can watch out for which will indicate if your child may be gifted.
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What to do if other children ridicule my child for being so smart?

Gifted children can sometime by singled out by their peers
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