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How can I best prepare my child for success at school?

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child and are probably wondering what you can do to help them fulfil their potential. There are lots of ways that you can ensure your child is successful at school:

Minimise screen time: Too much time spent sat in front of the television, watching cartoons or too much time spent on the internet or playing computer games can affect your child in two ways. Firstly, it can limit your child’s opportunities for social interaction and secondly it can have an effect on your child's interest in reading, doing projects, experiential discovery or play. One hour of television per day for primary school children is plenty.

Develop extra-curricular interests: Sport and music are two examples of extracurricular activities that are good for children to take part in and can help children do better in school and get better grades. 

Children who play sports are also usually healthier due to their increased activity and their stronger social networks than children who don't participate in sports. 

Children that are involved in musical activities are often better adjusted, perform better academically and more emotionally developed. Children who play music are also typically thought to have better memory skills than those who are not trained musically. 

Encourage the idea of practice makes perfect: Some children think that they are either good at something or not. They may try something once or twice but if they should fail, this will make them give up. Other children are taught that success is practicing and getting better. These children typically have parents who emphasise the importance of learning through mistakes, set-backs, failures and practice. It is important to teach your child that if he keeps trying he can do anything. This way they will practice, master and succeed!

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