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What are the best educational websites for kids?

There are lots of wonderfully useful websites that can help your child learn right through from primary school to secondary school. Here is a list of some of the best educational sites around:
scoilnet (
This useful portal features educational information and links to other educational sites for every school topic imaginable, from Irish to history, spelling to geography. There are lots of interactive quizzes, printable worksheets and slides which aim to make learning fun and informative. 
Primary science (
This site features lots of printibles, activities and games designed to show kids the importance of science.
Me and my body (
Kids can learn about how the human body works on this site.
Ask about Ireland ( 
This is a great website for both primary and secondary schools which has lots of interactive and fun activities on subjects such as Irish, history, geography and science.
Rí-Rá (
This is a really useful website that aims to help your child increase their Irish vocabulary and learn correct grammar.
skoool (
Skoool is a really useful website for students undertaking both the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams, It features lots of useful study and homework tips and notes and tips on all the subjects. It also has helpful advice for parents. ( provides an online resource for secondary level students, providing free past papers, a free revision tool, free video tutorials, revision notes, oral exams, correction service and much more. They also have a number of free apps available on the itunes and android marketplace.
Do you or your children want to learn the tables in a fun and educational way? Then head to, where you can find fun free games in which you can use multiplication.

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