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How will Transition Year benefit my child?

It can be a big decision for parents and teenagers alike, trying to decide whether or not o do transition year or whether to go straight into fifth year and begin preparing straight away to sit the Leaving Cert.
In transition year, there is a focus on teaching students practical subjects and skills for life, such as learning a language to help ‘get you by’ in a foreign country or learning how a business works by setting one up and running it.
The transition year programme also focuses on the personal development of students and teaches students to relate to and communicate with others in a more effective way. There is also a strong focus on the importance of living a healthy life through educating students on the importance of diet and exercise, mental health, sex education and substance abuse.

Transition year also aims to prepare students for their adult lives and future careers by helping them to:
  • Prepare a good CV and cover letter
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills
  • Organise time management
Work placements are also a part of transition year and give students the opportunity to try working in an environment they think they might be interested in and see what exactly is involved.
It also gives them a great opportunity to learn what is expected of them in a working environment.

Lots of secondary schools will also have different guest speakers who will come in and speak to students about college courses, career choices and advice on how to get a job.
Schools will also get the opportunities to attend college, university and Institutes of Technology open days so again they can get a better  idea of what college they might like to attend and what courses are of interest to them.

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