Learning Difficulties & Special Needs

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How do I choose a school for my special needs child?

It can be a challenge for parents to find the right school to cater for your child with special needs.
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What if my child with learning disabilities doesn't get the necessary help in secondary school?

Your child will have an Individual education plan that outlines exactly what services your child will receive.
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What assistance is my child with learning difficulties entitled to in secondary school?

Any child who received special education resources or support in primary school will almost certainly be eligible for the same support in secondary schools.
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My child receives extra help in primary school. What should I look for in a secondary school?

If your child has been receiving extra help in primary school it is important to look for a secondary school that will suit his needs
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What's the difference between being a slow learner and having a learning difficulty?

There are significant differences between children who are slow learners and children who have a learning difficulty?
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How can I help my dyslexic child develop their reading skills?

There are lots of things you can do to help your dyslexic child develop their reading skills.
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How will ADHD affect my child's future?

It's perfectly normal for parents of children with ADHD to worry about their child's future. 
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