Communion & Confirmation

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Where can I get a great Communion dress?

Where to get a Communion dress no matter what your budget
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What is a traditional gift for First Holy Communion?

If you're looking for a traditional Holy Communion gift then there are lots of options to choose from.
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How do I prepare a party for my child's first communion?

Preparing a party for your child's first holy communion doesn't need to cost the earth
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Where can I find a communion dress that is both stylish and affordable?

Your child's communion day can be a source of great expense but it doesn't need to be! 
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How can I cater a communion or confirmation party at home?

Catering for your child's communion or confirmation party can be a daunting affair but with plenty of planning it needn't be.
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How do I keep the cost of my child's first communion down?

There are lots of ways that parents can cut down on expenses on their child's big day.
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