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What exactly is a gifted child?

An academically gifted child has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. A gifted child is defined as a child who demonstrates or has the potential for showing extraordinary achievement in at least one area — such as art, music, language, or math. A child who is considered gifted will learn more easily and advance more rapidly than their peers.

All too often however, a gifted child will face social challenges and may have problems at school. A parent of a gifted child must stay abreast of the child’s progress both academically and socially.

Many children do not show signs of being gifted until they enter school, while other children can read or do math prior to school age. It’s estimated that around 5 percent of all children that are in school are gifted in a particular area.

Years ago, children who were labeled as ‘gifted’ were only judged by an IQ score of 130 or more. Today, if a child is potentially gifted, a child psychologist will administer several tests and make an evaluation. The outcome of the tests and observations from parents and teachers will determine if the child is truly gifted.

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