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How do I tell if my child is gifted, or above average?

Most parents believe that their child is special or above average, and while every child is certainly special, there are a few that are exceptionally gifted.

Usually, children who are gifted are only identified when they enter ‘big school’ but there are signs you can look for even at preschool level.

Usually, gifted children will show a particular talent for a specific thing – like being able to work with numbers, or being particularly good at drawing for example.

Gifted children also usually have advanced language abilities, and may be able to speak in sentences well before their peers. In fact, many gifted children reach all or most of their developmental milestones before their peers do.

They’re usually very active, and very interested in the world around them, although they’re not hyperactive. They also tend to ask questions almost relentlessly.

Gifted children often have good memories, and can remember facts and information well, and they will probably also display a vivid imagination.

Being gifted is not always a blessing though. Sometimes, gifted children realise that they are different, and that can lead to isolation. They may also become frustrated, or
lack stimulation at home or at school.

One of the best ways to check whether your child is gifted is to have him or her tested by a psychologist who specialises in children. You can do this even if your child has a disability, like dyslexia, as it can happen that learning disabilities and giftedness can occur at the same time. Whatever happens, however, remember that all you need to do is make sure that your child has enough stimulation to develop, and to work with teachers and other professionals involved in your child’s life.

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