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What to do if other kids ridicule my preschooler for being so smart?

Gifted children are not only singled out by their peers, they usually know that they are different from a very early age. They probably have vastly different interests to their peers, and they’re probably also more sensitive than the other children in their class – a common sign of a gifted child. All of this means that they tend to get teased or ridiculed by their peers, and that it can hurt more for a gifted, or above average child.

One of the best things you can do as a parent is sympathise with your child. Understand that teasing hurts, and let him or her know that you know it doesn’t feel good. Speak to your child, and find out which of his or her classmates is teasing your child, and when this happens.

Let your child know that just because he or she is being teased, it doesn’t mean that the other children don’t like him or her. Let your child know that they may be jealous, or even a little afraid of your child. Make sure that your child also understand that it’s not his or her fault that this is happening. Tell your child that sometimes, teasing is simply a means of play, and that the children who are teasing your child may be reaching out – albeit in a way that your child does not like.

Last, but not least, monitor the situation. If it carries on, speak to your child’s school or teacher, and find out what can be done.

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