When it comes to preparing the nursery for your baby, there are some safety and practical tasks to be done. While anything outside of the crib will not be too important for a few months, getting it all done at once can be a relief.
For safety reasons, it is important to keep the crib free of just about everything – pillows, blankets, toys and even the bumper that comes with the bedding set. There are toys that can be attached to the side of the crib that light up and play lullabies you could add for decoration.
Other Safety Items:
The drapes and blind cords need to be placed out of the baby’s reach at all times. The electrical outlets need plugs. The room needs a working smoke detector. Keep children’s furniture away from the windows and use window locks to keep your child from crawling and falling out. Bolt dressers and furniture to the walls or floor to keep them from tipping over onto your baby if climbed upon.
Having a changing table in the room will help you avoid wandering through the house in the middle of the night when your baby needs to be changed. Likewise, a rocking chair or some other comfortable chair is perfect for late night feedings. A night light or soft lamp will also help you to see without turning on a bright light and startling your baby.