You’re expecting a little one (or maybe two?) and we know what you’re thinking, “I’m pregnant, if there’s any time you can be exempt from making New Year’s resolutions surely it’s when you’re pregnant!”


And you would be right. So don’t worry, these are nice resolutions. You’ll enjoy them, we promise!


Here are your pampering pregnancy resolutions. We suggest that you milk them for ALL they're worth!


I WILL allow my partner to give me numerous back rubs.


I WILL watch all of the box sets in existence without guilt.


I WILL buy as many cute baby clothes as I feel like. So there.


I WON’T hesitate in asking my partner to go on a chocolate run if the mood takes me.


I WILL order takeout if I feel too tired to cook


I WON’T say no to a bubble bath being run for me on a regular basis.


I WILL chill out and relax.


I WILL drink extremely OTT mocktails to make up for the lack of wine.


I WILL wear stretchy, cosy clothes every day.


I WILL say no to any social event I don’t feel up to attending.


I WILL treat myself to pedicures/face masks/haircuts


I WON’T rule out going on a romantic date just because I’ve got a bump.


I WILL wear sexy underwear at least once.


I WILL nap, nap once more and then nap again.


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