So, you're organising a baby shower and you've made food, bought decorations and ordered the obligatory nappy cake. 


Now, what's left to do? Organise some fun games for the mum-to-be and her guests, of course.


Baby shower games are a great way for the expectant mum and her friends to enjoy some quality time together before the birth. Here are some examples that Mum and her guests will love.



1. Don't say 'baby'

This is a really funny one. When your guests arrive, let them know they can't say the word baby until a certain time (i.e. present opening time).


Give everyone a safety pin to wear on their top, and if they hear someone saying 'baby', they can steal their safety pin and wear it.


The person with the most pins at the end wins.



2. Guess the baby

This one will definitely entertain everyone. Ask all the guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby, and pin all the photos on the wall.


Get everyone to guess who the babies are, and whoever gets the most right wins.



3. Diaper derby

Test your guests' parenting skills with this silly game. Divide everyone into groups of two, with one person being the 'baby' and the other the 'parent'.


Give the 'parent' a roll of toilet paper to fashion into a nappy for the 'baby'. The mum-to-be can then judge the various nappies, to see who created the best one. 



4. Feed the baby

Divide everyone into teams of two, and give them each a small jar of applesauce and a spoon. Then blindfold them and tell them to take turns feeding each other.  The results will be hilarious!


5. Customised onesies

Buy some plain white onesies in various sizes, and some baby-safe fabric paints for this one. Tell your guests to get creative and make their own customised designs for the baby. The mum-to-be will love these!


6. Baby dec-a-cake

You'll need some plain cupcakes or fairy cakes for these. Hide a plastic baby inside one (this will be easier if you're baking them yourself).


Let the guests decorate the cakes with icing and sweets and, just before they're about to eat them, announce that whoever finds the baby inside will be the next one to get pregnant!



7. Nappy notes

Buy the mum-to-be a giant box of nappies, and get the guests to write cute messages on the back of the nappies in permanent marker.


Jokes, tips, words of encouragement - whatever will put a smile on Mum's face when she has to do that 3 am change.



8. Baby shower bingo

Ask the mum-to-be a series of questions about her pregnancy, such as the sex of the baby, cravings, current size of the baby, etc. Then turn her answers into a bingo card, and get your guests to play baby shower bingo.


The first one with a line of right answers wins.



The mum-to-be will love this, because it's tailored to her pregnancy story.