While this desire will be different for each person, it is a good question to ask how many people should be in the delivery room with you as you are going through labour. During childbirth, you will be too distracted to care very much about the bodies going in and out of the birthing room, so it is best to ask questions and put together a plan before that.
First, you will need to check with your hospital of choice regarding their policies for the birthing room. In some cultures, it is customary to have your whole family in the room with you. However, this may be against the rules for some maternity wards and you do not want to have your friends and family turned away if you have told them to stay with you during labour.
Also, there are different times to be considered as childbirth can often be a lengthy process. No matter where you go the dad will be allowed to be with you at all times, but maybe there are some people you only want there during the actual birth or right after the baby is born. It is probably not a good idea to invite everyone over for a 24 hour labour process. If there is someone who can help you through the trials of labour, then be certain to ask them over for the long haul.
Who you invite to be with you in the delivery room is entirely up to you. Keep in mind there will be plenty of hospital staff coming in and out of the room and you do not want to invite so many people that they interfere with the doctors and nurses trying to assist you.