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Pregnancy discharge: is it normal to have discharge while pregnant?

Most women have a perfectly normal, whitish, odourless discharge at some time during their lives. It just so happens that this happens a lot more during pregnancy.

Called leucorrhoea, it’s a perfectly normal mixture of secretions from the vagina and cervix, and, thanks to your soaring oestrogen levels, and the extra blood flowing through your nether regions, it’s likely to be heavier than usual.

As you approach your due date, the discharge is likely to increase, however, as long as it stays white, and is not tinted with pink or brown, there’s no cause for concern.

If you do notice a change in colour or consistency before you’ve reached week 37 of your pregnancy, contact your doctor immediately – this could be a warning of early labour.

Other than that, avoid any feminine hygiene sprays or douches, that can be harmful, and wear cotton underwear that breathes well, and you should have no trouble at all. This is just another way your body is changing to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.
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