The third trimester is the home stretch – or indeed the hospital stretch whichever way you want to look at it!
So how will you feel? Well, you’ll be tired, that’s for sure. Carrying an extra 20 to 30 pounds around how could you not? Our advice is to slow down but don’t stop. So while lugging heavy bags or going for ten-mile runs is out, light exercise like swimming or yoga isn’t. If you’re extra tired check with your doc, it could be a lack of iron.
And although you’ll be peeing more than you ever did with the pressure on your bladder (thanks uterus!) staying hydrated is a must so keep gulping back that water.
Heartburn is common around this time too so if you’re experiencing it, cut back on the spicy food, caffeinated drinks and fried or greasy foods.
Ever heard of Braxton-Hicks? Well by month eight or nine you’re likely to experience them. They’re false contractions that make you feel like you’re in labour. There are ways to distinguish them from real labour as they are felt at the front of the abdomen and false ones are felt from the back. But if you’re having an ‘OMG am I in labour?’ moment visit you doctor to put your mind at rest.