Black Forest gateau

Prep: 60 mins
Cook: 50 mins
Black Forest gateau
Black Forest gateau

Butter, for greasing

9 eggs

250g caster sugar

210g self raising flour

40g cocoa powder

For the filling

400g jar of cherries

2 tbsp arrowroot

A good splash of Kirsch

750ml double cream, whipped

For the chocolate shards

300g dark chocolate

½ tsp peppermint essence

110g Demerara sugar

Preheat the oven to 180°C/ 350°F/ gas mark 4. Grease and line a deep 26cm springform cake tin with greaseproof paper.

Break the eggs into a mixing bowl, add sugar and whisk well until light and fluffy. Carefully fold in the flour and cocoa powder.

Transfer to the cake tin and bake for about 45 to 50 minutes. Turn out onto a wire rack and leave to cool.

Drain the cherries, holding the juice for later. Put the juice in a saucepan and bring to the boil, while it’s heating add the arrowroot and a little water together in a small bowl and mix until it forms a paste.

Strain using a sieve over the cherries and pour the kirsch over the cherries also. Leave to cool.

Slice the sponge into three even layers. Spread whipped cream between each layer and also add half the cherries between the layers.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan, add the peppermint essence and sugar, mix and spread over a tray lined with clingfilm. Transfer to the fridge to set for 2 hours.

When it’s set, break it into large shards and stick haphazardly around the edge of the cake.

Top the cake with the remaining cherries and pipe some cream to decorate. 


Preparation Time
60 minutes

Cooking Time
50 minutes

Main ingredients
Dairy, Flour, Chocolate, Fruit

Recipe Type
Cakes & Baking, Dessert, Entertaining

Special Info
Nut free, Vegetarian, Pregnant Mums

Level of Difficulty

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