Strawberry mug cake

Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 5 mins
Strawberry mug cake
This delicious strawberry mug cake will convert you to the cake for one trend. This delicious recipe is from kirbiecravings.

5 1/2 tbsp all-purpose flour
4 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp baking powder
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil
2 strawberries, each cut into 4-5 pieces

Combine all ingredients except strawberries into oversized mug.

Stir with a small whisk or fork until batter is smooth.

Carefully drop strawberry pieces on top.

Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes.

If cake is not done, microwave for an additional 30 seconds. Serve while warm.


Preparation Time
5 minutes

Cooking Time
5 minutes

Main ingredients
Flour, Fruit, Eggs, Sugar

Recipe Type
Cakes & Baking

Level of Difficulty

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