Rosanna Davison shares her secret to staying strong while pregnant with twins

Rosanna Davison surprised us all when she revealed that she was expecting identical twin boys just three months ago, after suffering from 14 pregnancy losses.

Thrilled to be expecting for the first time, after welcoming her nearly one-year-old daughter Sophia into the world last November via gestational surrogate, Rosanna has been keeping us updated throughout her pregnancy journey on social media.

Just yesterday, the expecting-mum posted an open and honest update about what has been keeping her strong as the birth of her twin boys nears.

The 36-year-old model titled her update, “Exercise in pregnancy,” before adding, “I’m grateful to be still feeling strong at this stage of my #twinpregnancy, and since my doctor has continued to encourage me to exercise, I’ve been really enjoying my 3 sessions a week with @jessicakav @informfitnesspt.”


Speaking about her workout routine, Rosanna explained, “I’ve been going to @jessicakav for 3 years and our sessions have changed quite a lot in that time as I’ve worked on getting stronger. As I’ve got further into the pregnancy, we’ve been focusing most prenatal sessions on a combination of lower body and upper body super sets.”

“This training split does not completely exhaust one muscle group, leaving plenty of energy for the rest of the day!” the former Miss World winner assured.

She went on to say though, “The most important thing when exercising through pregnancy is to listen to your body, so the intensity of each session has been based on my energy levels.”

At the end of the day, Rosanna believes, “Pregnancy workouts should leave you feeling energised and strong, and ultimately support both delivery and postpartum recovery.”


Many friends and followers left comments on Rosanna’s post, commending her advice. Operation Transformation’s Kathryn Thomas wrote, “This is such great advice brilliant you’re feeling strong and healthy xx.” 

One follower commented, “Good on you, I exercised throughout my pregnancy and it def made a huge difference with the recovery afterwards. You are glowing and doing a super job.”

Another exclaimed, “I feel STRONGLY that exercise during pregnancy helped me during labour.”

With her due date just around the corner, Rosanna Davison and her husband Wes are expecting their identical twin boys to arrive this November.