There are certain steps we take while planning a pregnancy, and diet and nutrient intake are central to our plans – which is why this latest scientific research is worth a read.


Researchers in the US claim to have established a link between high consumption of potatoes before pregnancy and an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes.


The research was carried out by a team of experts from Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institute and Harvard University, and is based on data collected from over 15,000 women studied over a 10-year period.



The study, which was published in the BMJ journal, documented the consumption of certain foods – including potatoes – every four years in each case. The team then compared this data in cases where gestational diabetes had been confirmed.


After taking all other risk factors into account, the team was able to establish that women who consumed a high amount of potato before getting pregnant faced an increased risk of developing diabetes while carrying their child.


The research report states that you can lower the risk by up to 12% by substituting potato with other veg or wholegrain foods such as peas, beans and lentils.