This type of care varies from hospital to hospital and so can mean different things regarding policies and practices. Usually it means you will visit a semi-private clinic for your antenatal visits and will be seen by a consultant, although you may not be seen by the same person on each visit.
When you are giving birth in the hospital you will be looked after by a midwife, but there will be a member of the consultant’s team available should there be any complications.
After the birth you will be brought to a semi-private ward. This will have between 4 and 6 beds.
Costs of semi-private care vary depending on your care, and are subject to change but on average it should cost you around €4000 in total. This includes antenatal clinics, a certain number of scans, delivery, anaesthesia and accommodation in a semi-private room. Private health insurance will cover some of these costs such as the accommodation but you may have to pay for antenatal visits and scans. Contact your hospital for a list of charges and your insurance company to find out what they cover.