Some mummies missed out on a shower the first time around, for one reason or another, and others believe that every new arrival should be celebrated. Whatever you think, it’s become perfectly acceptable to have a shower for a second or even third baby.
There was a time when etiquette demanded that only firstborns got showers, but if you want one for your second child, here are a few tips:
Make the shower less about the gifts you get, and more about celebrating your new baby.
Have guests bring books to add to your new baby’s library, instead of traditional shower gifts.
Instead of gifts for your baby, ask guests to bring something for mummy.
Consider having guests bring you cooked meals that you can freeze for after the baby arrives.
Keep it more low key. A barbeque or brunch is perfect, and having a co ed event, where kids are welcome makes it less like a traditional shower, and more like a party for everyone.
Remember that some people see having more than one baby shower as greedy. That’s their right, but you don’t have to agree with them! There’s every reason you should get together with your friends, and family, and celebrate before any child arrives. Just don’t expect big gifts from them!