Apparently, singing can help beat post-natal depression. A new study has found that channelling your inner Beyoncé can help speed up the symptoms of post-natal depression.


Over 130 mums with post-natal depression took part in the study, which found that mums who participated in singing groups with their babies made greater progress than mums who did not take part.


During the study, the participants were separated into three groups. The first group took part in the singing session, the second took part in creative play sessions and the third treated their symptoms with family support, mindfulness and anti-depressants.



Throughout the ten-week study, the mums improved greatly, with many of them seeing a vast improvement after six weeks.


Mums who took part in the singing groups sang lullabies with their tiny tots and composed songs about being a mum.


They shared that they felt like their usually severe symptoms improved at a faster rate since taking part in the singing groups.


Dr Rosie Perkins, who was the principal investigator of the study, told the BBC, “Post-natal depression is debilitating for mothers and their families, yet our research indicates that for some women something as accessible as singing with their baby could help to speed up recovery at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives.”



The study follows the news that the disruption of the brain’s stress-response system may be the cause of post-natal depression.


They stated that the lack of the KCC2 brain protein may be behind the high numbers of women dealing with feelings of sadness, anxiousness and confusion.


Suffering from postpartum depression is common, affecting one in nine women. This is due to changes in your hormone levels, but there are many ways to combat the disorder.