Many of us dream about our wedding day long before we have even met ‘Mister Right’, and the walk down the aisle is always a big part of the fantasy.


The reality was undoubtedly at odds with the original dream for bride Hannah Patterson however, who tied the knot with partner Stuart recently.


According to photographer Sarah Grace, who captured beautiful images from the couple’s special day, Hannah had been in a serious car accident in the weeks leading up to her wedding.



Unable to do the traditional walk down the aisle with her father, Hannah came up with a gorgeous way to make that part of the ceremony special for her and her loved ones.


While Hannah’s father brought her to the edge of the procession area in a wheelchair, husband-to-be Stuart picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the altar.


A stunning image of the gesture was captured and shared by photographer Sarah, who described it as ‘one of the most moving images she has ever photographed’.



“Although this bride had been in a terrible car accident five weeks before the wedding day, this couple’s love was not going to be stopped. After her father wheeled her partway down the aisle, her groom tenderly carried her the rest of the way,” she wrote.


Needless to say, the image has taken our breath away – along with thousands more all over the world.


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