A shopping trip with your tween is not only a necessity, but a rite of a passage. But before you head out on that big shopping excursion, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing any new clothes for your tween.
Wardrobe cleanout
Make sure your tween takes some time to clean out their old wardrobe, before they even think about heading to the nearest high street. They should dump any clothes that are too damaged to be worn, and give the clothes that are either too small or no longer appreciated to charity. Depending on your tween’s personality, this could be either an easy or a difficult task, but before shopping for a new wardrobe, your tween needs to get rid of their old one.
Before hitting the shops it’s always a good idea to do a bit of online research and discuss with your tween what clothes would best suit them. Then make list of what he/she will need from new underwear, practical outfits to something stylish and fun. By making list with a tween you will not only know what to shop for, but will also be less likely to purchase items that you know your child won’t use.
Establish budget
A budget will not only prevent the temptation of overspending, but also teach your child how to be resourceful when it comes to spending money.
Shop during sales
Sale season is usually the best time to go on a shopping trip with your tween, not only can they grab some great bargains but can also purchase clothes that would usually be more expensive otherwise.
Don’t leave it last minute
While shopping during sales times is usually the best time to reinvent your tweens wardrobe there also not great times to go shopping with your tween is before school or during the Christmas hype. Clothes are not only the most expensive then, but also the most desirable clothes for your tween’s age group will sell out fast.
Beware of trends
There are plenty of marketing strategies that you need to be aware of especially those aimed at tweens. Your tween may want to purchase certain clothes as a result of celebrity endorsement, or a certain trend that is reinforced by their peers. This is something that you need to keep an eye out for and most importantly educate your tween on.