Whether your little one has been the centre of attention for the past number of years or they already have younger siblings, telling them that you are expecting can be met with various reactions.


If you are a little apprehensive about telling your older kids that you are expecting the following tips might help.


When should you tell them?

You should probably wait until your pregnancy is well established before you tell them, so wait until the 12 week mark if possible. It is probably a good idea to tell them before you tell anyone else incase they hear something or are accidently told by those who know.


Choose when you are going to tell them wisely

Don’t tell them just before you have to rush out the door or when they are tired and exhausted. They may have a lot of questions to ask and both of you will need time to be able to talk about it. After lunch at the weekend or when they have finished their homework is a good time.


What to do if they react badly

Your little one may or may not be happy about the news that they are going to have a younger brother or sister, so be prepared for this. If they are showing signs of being upset, it is important you show them that you understand their feelings and that you are there to listen to them.


Be prepared for questions about how the baby got in there

Your little one is going to be curious about how the baby got in your tummy so be prepared to answer questions on sex. It is best if you think about how much or how little you would like your little one to know prior to telling them. this way you won’t trip up on your words and you will be able to give them the answers that you feel they can handle.