Our taste buds go awry when we are pregnant, with some expectant mums dining on the strangest combinations. A new study has uncovered some of the weirdest food women crave when they are pregnant. From garlic mushrooms dipped in custard to dry chocolate powder.


Researchers analysed the diets of 1,400 mums which resulted in some of them sharing their unusual pregnancy cravings.


One mum admitted that grated carrot mixed with ketchup was her go-to snack, whilst another mum couldn’t get enough of banana and ready salted crisp toasties.



Yvonne Bishop-Weston, who is a nutritionist shared that women often crave odd foods because they remind them of their childhood days, which makes them feel safe and loved.


Some of the weirdest cravings included boiled eggs with horseradish, cold toast with marmite, cold rice pudding, potato salad and spaghetti hoops together and Haribo sweets.


Mums also craved regular treats like ice cream, chocolate bars and cake, with 67 percent admitting to Pregnacare that they experienced some form of cravings during their pregnancy.



Mums also revealed that they craved fish, fried chicken, burgers, pizzas, peanut butter and pastries.


The Pregnacare study proved that women are now craving more and more unhealthy foods during pregnancy, with three in every 10 women revealing that they craved chocolate.


“In days gone by there was less fast junk food around to lure us in. It wasn’t easy to access, and it wasn’t as ordinary and socially acceptable as it can be now,” said Yvonne Bishop-Weston.



However, she understands that certain foods are easier to eat, especially when you feel queasy, “Many carbs such as bread, pasta and crackers are also quite bland and gentle on the stomach so seem a natural choice when feeling sick.”


Scoffing down half a packet of chocolate biscuits may be your idea of heaven, but make sure to eat healthy foods full of nutrients too.


What was the weirdest thing you craved during pregnancy?