As soon as your little one arrives the last thing you are going to want to do, or even have time to do, is cook healthy, nutritious meals. And while there are sure to be a few friends and neighbours dropping over some homemade dishes, it’s nice to know there is something in the freezer that you can whip out as soon as Baby goes down for a nap.


If you do plan on getting started this week, make sure you have a read of the following: 


1. Getting started

Before you start to make extra portions of food, do give your freezer a big clean out and stock up on the following:  

  • Freezer bags
  • Aluminium pans
  • Tubberware containers


2. When to get started

If you plan on having a couple of weeks of food prepared, start making double portions of dinner/ lunch about three weeks before your baby’s due date. However, do keep in mind the size of your freezer as this will determine how many dishes you can prepare. 


3. How much to freeze

Remember, you can't refreeze defrosted food so divide it into one or two servings to avoid having to throw out reheated meals that you don’t eat. Remember, if freezing in a bag, make sure it is in a zip-lock and all air has been removed before you seal it.



4. Staying organised

It is easy to freeze a meal only to forget what you have put in there a week later, so make sure you stay organised. On the outside container or package, write in clear and legible writing what is in there and the date it first went it. Do this even on clear bags or Tupperware because when the food freezes it will be hard to distinguish what it is. To make it easier on you again, on the outside of the freezer write what you have in there – this will take out any hassle of cooking whatsoever!


5. Foods to freeze

The best types of foods to freeze are pasta dishes, casseroles, enchiladas, homemade burgers, stew, pot pies, vegetables and chilli con carne.  Don’t forget about lunch so think soups, wraps and even pancakes.