While it's important for baby, it's also important for mum that she stays well rested during pregnancy. Stress is bad for you both, so make sure you're looking after yourself. 
We know there's a lot to do and life is always hectic, but it's crucial that you keep yourself in tip-top shape by making sure you're healthy and getting the sleep you need to help your baby grow.
Pay attention
It’s important to listen to your body and make sure you get all the rest you need. Your baby's development requires a lot of energy, which is putting your body under extra strain. When your body tells you it's tired, rest or try to sleep - let someone else finish whatever work you were doing or push it to another time. 
Step up
Motivation may be hard to come by, but staying active can have a positive effect on your pregnancy. Exercise can also help with sleep, which is something pregnant women can have trouble with. Gentle exercise is good for you, but be sure to choose activities that are easy on your joints, like swimming or pregnancy yoga. You can even work healthy activities into your daily routine, such as walking and taking the stairs instead of using the lift. 
If you have the luxury of time, spending the last hour before bed reading a book or taking a long soak in a warm bath can help you relax and give you a better sleep.