The last month of your pregnancy can feel like the longest and is often an uncomfortable time as you wait for your baby to arrive. You are also bound to feel more tired and restless than you have been feeling.
However, there are a few things you can do to survive the last few weeks before baby arrives.
Enjoy some pampering
You deserve some pampering so book a day in a spa or bring a few friends over. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far why not get your hair done or spend a day relaxing on the couch getting your feet rubbed by someone. Run a hot bath, stock up on essential oils and enjoy a long soak. You will feel a lot better after a good pampering session.
Spend quality time with others
If this is your first child, spend some quality time just you and your other half or invite the girls around for tea and chats. The more distractions you have the quicker the last few weeks will go. If you already have kids try to schedule in some one on one time with them before the baby arrives and you have less time on your hands.
Stock up on magazines, grab a cuppa and put your feet up. As soon as your baby arrives you will have less time to yourself so make the most of it now. Lie in the mornings if you can and enjoy leisurely breakfasts - relax as much as you can. Why not have a movie marathon or lose yourself in a really good book.
Get things ready
You are probably restless and eager to see your baby at this stage so occupy your mind by getting things ready. Set up the baby’s bassinette, have some clothes ready and make sure you stock up on essentials such as nappies, creams, cotton wool and wipes. Practice getting the car seat in and out of the car and have a few runs with putting your buggy up and down. Don’t forget to pack your hospital bag and have it ready to go.