Salmon Omelette

A flavour-packed light meal with bags of taste.

1tbsp butter

4 eggs - beaten

Salt and pepper

105g can of John West Wild Pink or Red Salmon Skinless and Boneless

2tbsp cheddar cheese – grated

1-2tbsp fresh chives – chopped

An omelette is a staple snack that’s quick and simple to throw together. Fill it with John West Salmon, cheddar cheese and chives though and it also becomes a flavour-packed light meal with bags of taste. A plump and delicious salmon omelette is a nice change from traditional fillings and when you make it with our skinless and boneless variety it’s just as easy to prepare.
To create our salmon omelette recipe, start by heating a small non-stick frying pan until just hot and add half the butter. Next, add salt and pepper to the already beaten eggs and pour half of this egg mixture into the pan. Gently fork through the egg until it begins to set.
Leave for 10 seconds or so until nearly set. Then add half the salmon, half the cheese and half the chives. Now, with a spatula, fold one side of the omelette into the centre, then tilt the pan and fold over other side. Slide onto a warmed plate and serve at once.
Now repeat with the remaining ingredients to make a second salmon omelette that’s every bit as tasty as the first one.

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