Many strong, in control women are surprised when, once they fall pregnant; they suddenly have random bursts of crying and other emotional outbursts to deal with. Most of this can be attributed to hormones, fatigue, and the stress of pregnancy, but that doesn’t help you to stay in control when you need to.
The first step is to realise that you aren’t in control of your emotions any more – at least not until the hormones from your pregnancy have subsided after your baby has arrived. When you stop trying to fight your emotions, they become a little easier to cope with.
Make sure you’re eating regularly. You might not realise it, but when you’re pregnant, you need to eat more and more often. When you’re hungry, you’re far more likely to be grumpy or emotional.
Next, try a little exercise. Something light like a walk, a swim, or even some yoga can help to release endorphins, which are your body’s ‘happy hormones.’ That should counteract at least some of the weepiness or grumpiness you’re feeling.
Try to get enough sleep, and make sure that you’re always hydrated, which should both help to fight off fatigue, and if all else fails, go ahead and cry. Sometimes, releasing those emotions is the only way to get them back under control! Aside from which, emotional pregnant women are par for the course, and there aren’t many people who will hold it against you.